American Soldiers dressed in authentic WWII uniforms stand on a hill in the desert. They are placing the American flag into the ground. Four of the soldiers are assisting each other in standing the flag while the fifth soldier holds the flag up. There is a golden sunset behind them making the men silhouettes.


Have you or a loved one served in the armed forces? If so you may be entitled to government benefits. The government form DD-214 is your proof of service and is utilized for obtaining veteran's benefits with the Veterans Administration, veteran's home loans, burial in VA cemeteries, proof of veteran's service for federal and state employment, discounts, and other privileges issued to veterans. Many veterans have lost or misplaced their DD-214 over the years. We are happy to obtain this vital document for you in the most expedited manner possible to help you get the benefits you and your family deserve.
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Unit Histories
Did you or a loved one serve overseas? Would you like to learn more about their service? Morning Reports give a daily account of a veteran's service, detailing troop and operational movements, as well as injuries and losses sustained, which may provide credible evidence for veteran's benefits, as well as family histories. 
Unit Rosters can also provide a listing of troops who served along side your loved ones. 

WWII Soldier

American Declaration of Independence with quill and parchment

Historical and Personal Data
The National Personnel Records Center is a treasure house for any professional historian or genealogist, or for anyone with a passing interest in their family history or the history of our nation. Personnel, Medical, and Court Records. These records are in many instances very personal in nature as they may include personal commendations and disciplinary actions, as well as medical information.